This guide covers the engineering selection process, from resume review to turning over a candidate to HR for an offer.

At a high level, the process looks like this:

  1. We post a job ad for a limited period of time, and collect resumes.
  2. Resume review: we review and score resumes given our scoring guides.
  3. All resume scores handed back to HR, who review the cohort. Top candidates move on.
  4. Phone screen: an initial 30 minute phone screen - passing candidates move on.
  5. Pre-work: candidates will be asked to come to interviews with some position-specific pre-work (typically, code to show)
  6. Interviews:
    • Technical: pre-work review with technical interviewer
    • Technical: questions from the position-specific tech interview guide.
    • Core values: questions from the (shared) core values guide
    • Combined (technical + core values) from a senior interview
  7. Interviewers submit written recommendations to the hiring manager. Hiring manager makes the final decision.

For more details, dive into the following documents: