Frontend engineer pre-work

TODO: flesh this out

Front-end engineers have two options:

  1. Complete the hhbuilder exercises from the Ad Hoc Team homework problems repo.

  2. Submit a portfolio of your work. Subject to a few conditions:

    • At least one of the sites in the portfolio must be online and include non-minified assets (so we can view source and ask questions about it)
    • If any work in the portfolio isn't yours and yours alone, you must clearly indicate to us which parts you did yourself.
  3. Bring a code sample from elsewhere to share and discuss. Subject to a few conditions:

    • You must have permission to share this code with us (open source is best)
    • It should be in Python, Ruby, Go, or JavaScript -- if it's not, check with us first.
    • It should be short, something like 100 - 1,000 lines, and mostly stand-alone (shouldn't have any dependencies that aren't super-common in the language in question).
    • Ideally, it should be code we can actually run and play around with.

Review questions

  • Walk me through how this works
  • Why did you use X here? What other options did you consider?
  • Can you think of other ways to implement this bit?
  • Where did you get stuck? How'd you get past it?
  • What resources did you use while working on this?
  • If you got to do this over again, what would you do differently?
  • ...