Training slide decks

We have training sessions for the folks who want help with hiring. You'll find these events on the 18F Engineering calendar; here are links to the slide decks for each:

Intro to Engineering Hiring (30 minutes)

An introductory session, covering the overall hiring process, how selection works, our standards, and the parts of hiring that are common for all roles.

I think this session might be the most interesting for everyone, not just people who're participating in the process.

Resume Review (30 minutes)

For those who will be reviewing resumes. Covers our resume review rubrics ("crediting plans"), how to apply them to a resume, and some tips and tricks for reading resumes. There'll also be a chance to practice on some sample resumes and get some experience before you do it for real.

Interviewing (1 hour)

For those conducting interviews, both technical and core values. Covers our interview process and guides, and how to interview effectively. We'll spend some time practicing interview questions on each other, to get a bit of experience before we start.