Technical Pre-work

TODO - fill this out

  • Goal: bring technical work to an interview, discuss with interviewer
  • Generally candidates should get the option of "homework" or bringing code to show
    • homework: more fair (doesn't require tech work that can be shown), but more work
    • pre-existing work: easier, but not all candidates have it
  • Pre-work shouldn't take more than about 3 hours
    • Candidates should know this when assigned pre-work, and should reach out if it takes longer (something might be wrong)
  • Each position will have its own pre-work, and a guide to evaluating it
    • TL should ask when assigning pre-work what language they'll use so we can match to an interviewer with some conversant skill there
  • Review of pre-work should focus on "why did you", "how did you", etc - not technical gotchas
  • Pre-work is "due" 1 biz day before the interview, to give time for the reviewer to review